Anyone a cop or know a cop?

I have been dating a cop for on and off 2 years and I've become so paranoid. I'm probably gonna break it off with him anyway but just wondering-

Can a cop track the location of my phone at anytime and how do they do this? Is it from the car or ?

The other day he text me from another number and said it's his work number.. I don't know I got freaked out especially since he wasn't at work at that time.

I feel like I'm always being watched.. like my computer activity is now monitored.. I feel like I can't text because maybe he reads them. I don't know

Just want to add- No, I'm not doing anything wrong. Nothing at all!

One time I was involved in something where the cops were looking for me after someone mistakenly thought I was missing. The cops located my phone location and were looking for me.. this is my example...

So it was easy for them in a matter of minutes to track my location. But can he just do the same to me or it is a process where he must make a report which means he then wouldn't go through the trouble.
I do not know if he is indeed doing this but I have a feeling.. and there have been times where he will text me like "when will you be home " but meanwhile I never said I wasn't home


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  • Honestly all the stuff you're worried about, if he did, he'd easily lose his job for and even end up in jail for. You mentioned that he searched you already, if you told his boss that, he'd probably lose his job.


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  • So are you doing anything wrong?

    Anyway, it is illegal for a cop to use that kind of technology for private affairs. Quite a severe crime.

    • no I'm not doing anything wrong. and yes it may be illegal.. but like say, he wants to know if I am home or where I am.. I'm wondering just how easy it is for him to search the recent phone towers or whatever...I know cops can do but I'm just not sure how easy it is.. like, can they do if right from their car or is the process a little more difficult in which case I would assume he woulnd't go to those extreme measures.

    • Who decides if she's doing something wrong?

  • If this guy is using any device to stalk you, that's a crime.

  • yes he can

  • he's a cop he can find out all your info. I know because, my old sister in law use to be one and she know everything about the whole family. She knew who I was before we were introduced

    talk about crazy.

    • Exactly! He already admitted to me that he searched me to make sure I wasn't trouble.. but while dating him I feel nervous like he can prob do a simple phone tower search or something and know where I am anytime he wants to know. It's scary..

    • I don't date them because, I don't trust them and that's more of a reason for me to stay away from them. Do you think if you decided to break up with him, he'd be a problem?

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  • My dad is a cop.

    But unless you're doing something wrong, there's no reason for you to be paranoid.

    • it's not about doing something wrong. I'm just asking. Do cops have easy access to this information. For example, if they want to know where a cell phone is (which I know you do not need a warrant for) can they just locate the phone from their car at any time or do they need to call and make a report thtat it is part of an investigation.. is it easy or what?

    • Until a cop decides you're doing something wrong.

    • ughhh lol OK you're missing the point.. thanks

  • Just because he has the ability to do this does not mean he's going to. Cops have weird hours. So he could have just stopped at work and happened to text you. You're being paranoid, but not everyone has what it takes to be with a police officer.

  • Leave your phone at home if you think he's tracking you. Problem solved.

    • yeah, because that's an easy task lmao ..

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    • like he might say something like "when are you gonna be home" meanwhile I never said I wasn't home

    • Of course he can, but just because he can doesn't mean he should... sketchy.

  • i am not a cop, or personally know any cops.

    • That's cool.. so why the F you answering .

  • You guys must have some really wild foreplay..

    You sound a little bit paranoid. I've dated him for 2 years. Shouldn't you know how he is by now? Is he really the type to stalk you? If so, why would you even be dating him?

    • It's not about stalking... it's just that.. if the option is there to locate the person you are dating.. why not right? And like I said, it's been on and off.. recently a little more serious and things he says to me I feel like he just knows things I never told him. or maybe I'm freaking myself out

    • I think you're freaking yourself out. But if you really feel that paranoid and freaked out, why date him, right? You should be happy in a relationship. A relationship should feel happy and fun (most of the time).

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