Did I just get played?

I went on a few dates with a woman who I thought was totally in to me. She was the sweetest woman I have ever met, sending messages, bringing me home baked goods, just really nice. After one of our dates she asks if she can go down on me. I politely decline. A few more dates and a couple of excuses for not going to her apartment. I gave in and went to her place with the agreement no sex. We cuddled and made out the whole night. We dozed off a few times. One time I am awakened by her on top of me totally naked. After a while I tell her I need to go before we do something we shouldn't. We talk for a while and end up dozing off again. This time she wakes me up the same way and we couldn't stop. I end up leaving at 2pm that afternoon on a trip to see family. I was supposed to leave my home at 8 am. When I left that afternoon we both agreed we had gone too far. We messaged over Thanksgiving and I have had one date for a walk in the park since then. She hinted about going to her place, but we agreed it was again too soon. Now my phone calls go to voice mail. I have sent her a few messages, she has sent me one 3 days ago.

She doesn't want to have sex. Says it's too soon. Yet She initiated, she put it in, from 9 pm to 1:30 the next afternoon of her teasing. Putting it in and taking it out. She gave oral too. She had an orgasm then so did I, couldn't help it at that point.She is mad because I came. . She is not mad at me being in her, just that I came. I was wanting to wait. I am not in a hurry to have sex. Don't want just a sex based relationship. I know this was too soon. I agree it may be a mistake.



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  • Wish I could shed some light on the situation but she sounds really weird, honestly. She pushes for sex, has an orgasm, and then doesn't want you to come? Were you not wearing a condom or something? Who doesn't want their partner to come or gets mad about it? Maybe because in her mind that sealed the deal, so to speak, and now she's mad at herself for doing that but taking it out on you? But I don't know, doesn't make sense to me either.


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  • She wants a sexual relationship.. Not wanting sex is just a cover up. Plus, I think that she was testing you.. To see how wild and crazy you would get. It depends on how you want to pursue her...because her actions are showing sex based relationship. Are you down with that? If not, then let her know and move on.

    • Not so sure... We dated for 2 weeks after that last date. A walk in the park 3 times, dinner a couple of times, and no sex. Then a week of silence. Then I get dumped, the reason given was that she just couldn't get over that night. Says it was too soon, that we weren't ready.

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  • Why not have sex...she obviously wants to. Just have some fun unless you have some reservations.

    • She says she doesn't want to have sex. Says it is too soon. Yet we did. She had an orgasm then so did I, couldn't help it at that point. Now she is mad because I came... it doesn't make sense to me.

      I was wanting to wait. I am not in a hurry to have sex. Don't want just a sex based relationship.