What are the pros and cons of dating co-workers?

This is just a question. In my field of working dating co workers what I see for sometimes seems to be an advantage. But of course people are not going to say or spill the bad things. And here they're very good at being extremely professional. We're trained to be professional. Some of the staff gor divorce but then they act like nothing happened.


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  • pros:

    1) they are the people we often see at work , good for those who doesn't have the time to really know people outside

    2) as you work with them , you get to see their behaviour and personality at work and also receive feedback from others

    3) if the guy/girl is somosne who like to see their other often, then they are able to


    1) when a nasty break up occur, it becomes awkward and everybody would know

    2) if one likes to be low profile on their personal life, such situation will not allow them to be low profile as everybody know and they might tease you

    3) depending on individual, some may let it affect work performance


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  • For 29 years I was adamant that I wouldn't do it. Then I did. I don't plan on making that mistake again. It adds unnecessary stresses to the day and if it ends, things could get really bad.

    If you aren't in school anymore and this is a job that is the start of your career, don't risk it. Once your reputation goes, you might not get it back. Focus on being the best worker you can.


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  • Pros:

    - Seeing your partner frequently (lunches together, traveling to and from work together)

    - Emotional support at work

    - Someone who can relate to your work stress and bitch about your co-worrkers to.


    - Seeing your partner frequently. Can also be a negative as I and a lot of people need "Me time" in a relationship and if I was living and working with my partner I wouldn't get this often. You know that saying too much of a good thing...

    - Relationship problems/tension/arguments can spill over to the workplace and effect productivity, make is awkward for the couple and co-workers etc.

    - If a bad break up occurs it could be awkward for both the couple and co-workers

    - Your professionalism could be questioned. There is a couple at my workplace most people are fed up with as they are always all over each other, even in front of clients. I understand when you are in love/lust with someone affection is a normal and great thing but when your partner becomes your priority at work your work ethic will be questioned.

    - Jealously may occur if one partner is promoted over the other.

  • Well I guess you get to work with someone you like, but if you break up it can be really awkward going to work, and even when together possible distraction.

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