Am I expecting too much too soon?

I met a guy who I really like on an online dating site two weeks ago. We have been on three dates and have spent the night together twice, once just for sleeping and the last time, we fooled around a little. He seemed to be so very into me at first and I have really developed serious feelings for him. The problem is that I see that he's still on that site every day! It really bugs me because I really like him and the only reason I still go on there is to check up on him. Is it too much to expect him to stop going on there if we are dating?


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  • If you haven't entered a committed relationship with him, then it is well within his right to see other women. And he can sleep with them too if he wants. Set your own standards and stick to them. Know what you can emotionally handle and what you cant. If he doesn't meet those expectations, find someone else or else you are looking at heart break.

    Don't get possessive or controlling. That might push him away when in reality he might be just as interested in you but is keeping his options open in case things don't work out. Things are still early. If you don't want to put out, then don't and see if he sticks around. Tell him you save that for a relationship.

    I am a one girl guy and expect that in return. Once we get to that commitment, then I would expect them to be faithful. Which would include not scoping out other people online.

  • Without an exclusivity talk he can do whatever he wants. Plus how do you know he isn't "checking on you" too?


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