Afraid of being played or getting hurt.

Well I am dating this girl who is a very nice girl. There are something that I'm just noticing add up. She is on Facebook, but I can't find her, but she says she has it and told me that I won't find her due to job purposes. A few days ago I texted her a couple times but only answered with a one word answer on the first time. She answer the other one and also never answered or returned my phone call, which was a span of two days. The third day I sent her another text also checking if she was free, which she answered that one fairly quickly. We have been dating a few months now. Other than that there is really nothing for me to worry about, but I found that a little odd. I know she is also a party girl. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not. I was being told that I should stop worrying an only worry if you know for sure. If something happened I wouldn't know how catch her, being my first real relationship.


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  • You my dear boy, suffer from first relationship paranoia. Stop that! It will ruin your relationship before it ever even takes off. You are nervous because you feel vulnerable, I think. I also I think everyone puts way too much thought into technology and dating. Truly. Our parents never had these issues.

    The Facebook thing I get. If I'm reading this right you are worried she isn't friending you, or has a private profile, because she is a party animal and doesn't want the world to see it. Well, first of all, congrats to her for not making her profile public. Some people are total idiots with social media and what they post, it absolutely boggles my mind. So give the girl a nod of respect for that. If it really bothers you, just be blunt. "I want to be Facebook friends, add me." Or take a picture and say, "I want to tag you in this, you look great.".

    I don't see what the big deal about the texting is. I don't think that it sounds like 'things aren't adding up' I think it sounds like she isn't into texting, really. That's it.

    Seriously, pick your battles. If she seems great in every other way what makes you think she will do something bad that you will 'have to catch her for"? You're not her daddy, so don't try to play that role. If you feel uncomfortable with her party habits, be honest with her about it, maybe you're reading it wrong. But if she is don't waste both of your time trying to change her as a person. Buckle down or move on.

    I hope this helped, good luck :)


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  • give it some time


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  • hit it and quit it before you get hurt. if you already hit it count your loses now.