Girls, would you date a guy shorter than you?

Would you date a guy even if you are taller than him? Reason behind this: I like this flirty girl and I think she might like me. She laughs at all of my jokes, sits very close to me, and is very touchy (she touched me a lot, not the emotional kind lol). But she is taller then I am. Lol I guess this a two part question. Does she like me?


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  • Personally, if I liked the guy enough than I wouldn't mind if he was shorter than me. But, being that I'm 5'1" it's really hard to find a fully grown guy that's shorter than me :P

    If she's a flirty person than the touching, laughing, and closeness is normal for her. Some people are natural at flirting and they flirt unintentionally all the time. So, it's a hard question to answer, it would help to have a bit more history than just that. Have you tried asking her if she likes you? There's no harm in asking.

    • I just feel that it would make our friendship very awkward if I asked her directly. Is there like a more subtle way to ask her or something

    • I don't know, sorry.

    • Nothing wrong with that. Thanks

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