I found out he went to prison...to date or not to date?

I was working this past Friday and a customer that comes in a lot asked me if I was married. When I told him no he said well I'm sure you have a boyfriend. And again I said no, and he said a pretty girl like you with no boyfriend, why not? I said I didn't know was just focusing on school but I graduated and he said oh so your done with school so now what? and I said I don't know just see what comes along and he asked for my number and I said I don't think I can give it to you. and he's like well is it OK if I give you mine? so he wrote his down and gave it to me and left. well I didn't text him fri Because I went out to dinner then hung out with a friend. and I did something I know some people frown upon but I Facebook stalked him. and I found out that he was in prison. but I wouldve never guessed that...i do not know what he went to prison for but I know now that he is a salesman and seems to be doing better now.

i did text him on sat. and we had a nice text convo and he has already texted me today saying good morning which I did reply back to. of course I'm not just going to out of the blue ask him why he went to prison but it is kinda bothering me.

if I hadn't known about the prison thing I would go out with him no problem just him and I but since I have no idea what he went for I'm trying to make it a public group date.

any advice? has anyone ever dated anyone that was in prison before? obviously I don't want to judge him and I'm trying not to but if he is into illegal whatever or something I can't and will not be a part of it.

any advice would be appreciate thank u!

since he has had my number he has texted me every morning good morning. then we text on and off all day. he wanted to take me out bowling tomorrow but I can't so maybe something this weekend/next week when my friend is available.


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  • It used to be a good bet anyone in prison was a bad person. Now, not so much. We've got so many folks in jail for having the wrong kind of leaves that it's turning into a joke. There's still the question of his associates and them being a hazard to you though. It's a deal breaker for me 99% of the time just because of that.

    He could be decent. You'll need to really evaluate his lifestyle and his circle of friends to know for sure. Proceed with caution. If he was jailed for anything violent or scary, run.

    • yea if its like domestic violence or anything like that I'm not getting myself into that situation...i guess ill just have to wait it out and see but keep my guard up at the same time. thank u!

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