If you could search a large database for potential dates, what would your Top 5 search criteria be?

Since gender, age and distance are a given requirement, don't include those as part of your 5.

Here's a list of some criteria. Feel free to use something not listed.

- Income (list range)

- Religion (specify)

- Goal (relationship, casual, etc)

- Ethnicity

- Hair color

- Eye color

- Education (specify)

- Height and Weight (list range)


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  • My top 5:

    -Religion: Roman Catholic

    -Goal: Relationship

    -Height & Weight: 5'-5'11", <200lbs

    -Sexual Orientation: Straight

    -Age: 2 years younger to same age.

    Here's my whys:

    -Religion: I'm a practicing Catholic, and would strongly prefer someone else who is a Catholic, even if they aren't too serious about it. Reason being is I live in the Bible belt and Catholics are kind of a minority. All of the protestant religions don't think we are pretty swell, so she would have to be Catholic to defer any hostility or controversy. Luckily, Catholic women aren't that hard to find. I randomly met my current girlfriend and she just happened to be Catholic and go to my church, too.

    -Goal: I'm a monogamous guy who doesn't do sexual stuff outside of relationships. I would want a relationship only. Right now, it would be short term, since I'm leaving high school in 6 months and will be going places. After I'm out of college, long term would be my main goal.

    -Height & weight: Not to picky. Being a tall and built boy, I can accept a lot of different women. My only real requirement is that she is shorter than me and not obese. I prefer average height (5'4") and average weight (130-145) but as long as she's not a whale things are okay.

    -Sexual Orientation: Straight. It's just the way it is. I've tried to possibly let a bi-sexual girl get a chance, but after knowing some and seeing some online, we wouldn't be compatible.

    -Age: Currently my girlfriend is 2 years younger than me. Once I hit 18-19, I will only date my age or 2 years below. I think a girl more than 2 years younger wouldn't be right for me and older women within 5 years of my age would NOT be interested in me and we wouldn't have the same lifestyle or mindsets. Now, once I'm an adult these rules will change, but until then this is the way it is.


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  • -atheist/buddhist/spiritual



    -just a decent human,frankly,don't know how to categorize that,someone polite,nice to everyone,aware of social issues


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  • Asian

    Brown Hair

    Brown Eyes



  • Okay With gender not including those five I would search for Christianity , Gorgeous, My two turn ons I don't care to list them , Whichever Race I wanted