How physical should things get on a first date?

I went on a wonderful dinner date the other night. He was a perfect gentleman. We had dinner and then he took me back to my apartment. He didn't try to kiss me, so I just kissed him on the cheek. About 30 minutes later he IMed me and through chatting we came over to my place to watch a movie.

We cuddled on the couch and he rubbed my shoulder-- nothing big. Towards the end of the movie he kissed me on my head and I turned to kiss him. That turned to a pretty heavy make out session, which I didn't push away.

After the movie he did say goodnight and said he wanted to start things off on the right foot.

Do you think I allowed too much for a first date? We definitely had fun and I do hope we go on another date.

Any advise?


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  • There's no rule as to what's too much for a date, even a first date. As long as it felt right and you both were going with it then you're fine. It sounds like you had a good date and that he had a good time expecially if he ended up coming over again to watch a movie.


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    IMHO everything went normal IF you liked it (and if he liked it) It seems you both liked it.

    The only rule applying for what is allowed between consenting adults is that they both have to want and like it.

    • Thanks! It just got weird because he fell asleep I said he could sleep in my bed, but then when I went to the restroom he got out of bed and said he was going to head home--- he said he wanted to start things off on the right foot. I just hope I didn't do anything wrong by inviting him into my bed (even though I did not want to have sex with him that night).

    • You will then have to make it clear to him you you want to make out but don't want sex yet.

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  • it seems like a perfect night :) I think you guys are starting things off right, if he doesn't take advantage of you and wants to have sex the first night that must mean he likes you more then just a one night thing

  • On the right foot? Things start how they start, you can't start again... I mean this guy is takes advantage of you, and then he wants to start again, so you can forget what really went on, if he was gonna regreat or thing low about you, as if you obligated him or something, the he shouldn't have done it, he shouldn't have take advantage of the situation in the first place

    • Oh no, he was wonderful... He said he wanted to start off on the right foot, which is why he didn't stay the night. I respect that.