Is it his way of saying don't message me again?

This guy and I got talking on this dating site, except I wasn't looking for anything I was just on there to chat as I only got out of a relationship a few months ago. But this guy and I were talking from day to night for several days and we ended up even opening up to each other as well a bit. I felt a bit interested in him and he was in me. I said maybe we can just hangout, so we met in person and it went alright, I just embarrassed myself a bit. He offered to give me a lift home, so he did.

Then afterward he messaged me saying it was good meeting u, sorry if I don't reply tonight I'm going to see old mates. Then he sent me another message saying "I hope it wasn't awkward not kissing or anything, just confused in what you want lol." I then said he didn't have to kiss me and he said "I didn't think it was appropriate seeing your not looking for anything lol, then I said well even if I was looking for something, in general, you didn't have to kiss me. (I was saying it's okay anyway) the thing is I think I wanted him to kiss me but I'm confused because is he being suttle and isn't going to message me again? And maybe he wasn't interested after meeting me for the first time? I'm only confused because no matter what situation he is in he doesn't care if we text, he even texted me at a friends bbq for hrs, even though I said talk to your friends. And now he's saying sorry if I don't reply after meeting me? I feel so confused too because I'm not ready for a relationship.


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  • If you're confused as to what you want than naturally he will be too. You don't intend to get involved with someone right now but you decided to meet with him. Both of you want to kiss but both feel you shouldn't because you're not ready for a new relationship. Both of you want more and both of you hold back because of what you said you wanted. This is going to put a lot of tension between you.

    Out of curiosity, do you feel like holding off on a new relationship is something that you should do or are you confident that this is what's best for you, despite this new opportunity? I get the sense that there is an argument between your mind and your heart and it's not clear which should be listened to on this.


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