Cannot decode his behavior, need input

Sorry this will be a little long . I recently started dating this guy, we both agreed that although we never wanted to get married again ( both divorced with kids) we had no issue with dating. The one thing we both said in the very beginning was we didn't want to get too incredibly serious. We also agreed to be monogamous. We have only been dating for about 4 weeks, he recently started calling me babe,baby, honey ect... he is constantly touching, cuddling ( with or without sex), we go out and he is very PDA, holding hands, hugging, kissing in public. We either talk, text or communicate in some fashion every single day. We see eachother 2-3 times a week. We talk about everything, his family, his kids, his work and vice versa. I mean for the love of all that's holy we cuddled and watched a football game! Sometimes, he pulls my face up to his and looks at me for an extended period of time and just smiles at me. 2 days ago we had a disagreement and he kept at me about how I felt, so I told him that I cared about him, he dropped out I mean like for a whole day then I woke up to a text saying I'm sorry baby, I'll see you tonight. He came over and something had changed he placed both his hands on my face to kiss me, like he put them there and he's never done that before he held my face really tight pulled me into him and kissed me like he has never kissed me before... he slowed down everything in the intimacy department and he looked at me with this intense look that I couldn't read. My question is he wanted me to say how I felt but he didn't say how he felt, I cannot decode where he is at. I think he's in the same place if I had to guess by his actions, but I am just not sure. What would be your take on all of this?


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  • It seems like he wants to be more with you and get serious. I think he slowed down the intimacy because he wants to make sure its more than just intimacy between you too before you guys go any farther. Seems like you both have been through a lot and you both need to make sure its something you really want