How do I get this girl to date me? She is always busy

I have this girl at school and she likes me so I want to take her out on a date. But the problem is she is a stage manager, she is always busy and usually doesn't have the time to hang out with me. What do I do?

Well. I got rejected. I guess time is a virtue.


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  • If she doesn't have time for you, then obviously you shouldn't date someone who doesn't have time for you. There will be other girls who DO have time for you. You have two options. Ask her out, or don't ask her out. If you ask her out she won't have time for you, so I guess there's no point in asking her out, right?

    • Thats the thing though. I know she likes me and I have interest into her. So would it still be worth it?

    • Okay I don't get it. She likes you, but doesn't have time for you? A relationship would mean that she would spend time with you. So if she can't spend time with you, then how can there be a relationship? There can't be one. So, no, if you want to spend time with her, and she can't satisfy that need, then no, I don't think it's worth it.

  • Trust me, if she likes you, she WILL have time for you.


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