Europeans! Please enlighten me on dating and how long you're a couple?

First,do you date around,or just one person? I've read you don't make it known publicly. Is this also true? What about marriage? How long are you with the person before you both decide? Do you discuss it together,then talk it over with the parents?

How long is the engagement? Just curious on the whole engagement/marriage bit.

I recently met a European who tried taking me to bed after the first date. I was kinda shocked but now that I know how ya'll are,its just...different.

So tell me all that you can re dating.



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  • First of all this varies greatly depending on the country, not to mention the person in question. However, in most (if not all) European countries it's unusual to date more than one person at a time, whether you make it known publicly is completely up to you, though generally people prefer to wait until after things are "official". As for marriage and engagement, it usually takes a few years before people make the decision (though that also depends on how the age of the people involved) and the length of the engagement is usually about a year (from what I've seen/heard).


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