Dating younger women?

I'm 32.. I've had suggestions to possibly meet women that are younger as in 21-25 years old.. I just been used to dating them that's around my age... however I been in a drought latley in the dating game, (then again I work 60hrs a week, so that doesn't help lol) But for a woman that's in her early 20's, I wouldn't think they want to meet someone that much older...Usually everyone in general finds others own age attractive, am I wrong?

While I know if lets say I started dating someone who is 22, no crime is being committed however, at the same time.. do you find it wrong? Ladies, for those of you in your 20's, what's your take on older men? And also, my looks are just average, I don't think I'm attractive so I doubt any of them would give me a shot


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  • When I was that age going out with an older guy was appealing because they were more settled, but I wasn't. I didn't feel like we were in the same place which was a negative, but they had steady jobs and were grooving on the younger woman thing which was a positive. One guy I dated was wanting to settle down while I just graduated from college and was ready to be on my own with no one to answer to. Just didn't ever work out.

    If they are matched with you in maturity and interests then go for it. Just beware of their intentions (looking for an older guy to take care of them).

    • Great point on your last sentence.. I'm not taking care of anyone except me! lol

    • Well if you were 45 and dating a girl that was 20...I'd have to ask you if you've lost your mind! Any guy that I've talked to that settled down with someone their daughters age were generally miserable after the "shiny" wore off. 8- 10 years isn't that big of a difference. Glad you're being wise though!

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  • I'm 20 years old and I would date a man in his early 30's. But it's a matter of whether he'd take me seriously or just want sex.

    I understand we would be in two very different points in our lives, but as far as marriage and children go while I'm not in a rush, but I will not deny myself that opportunity if I feel it is right. I believe in just going with the flow.

    • Hey I'm in no rush to be married, not all of us are.. But you serious though? Some girls here said its creepy for a guy my age to date a girl in her early 20's... Maybe its all subjective?

    • It is. Like I said, I'm not opposed to it. But other girls will be.

  • Don't doubt yourself. You must be very attractive.

  • Why early twenties?...

    Why not late twenties. Come on dude they are young and most barely got their life together.

    • I never said I planned on pursuing that age, I've had people suggest it. Most likely I won't though, I have nothing in common

  • That is creepy.

    • It appears no one has read what I wrote, I never said I'm going to pursue early 20's women... I said people suggest to it. But I don't plan on it, got nothing in common

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  • seems a big portion of them are into guys that older than them unfortuneately