I don't know what's happening between us.

Well I met this guy and he was really into me and I was really into him and we texted abit. After texting we met up and in my opinion it went pretty well. I'm not sure if he was hiding something but he did look a bit like a pplayer but another thing is I'm not sure if he enjoyed it I could tell that he didn't smile a lot and his eyes looked like they were just full of sadness. When we said goodbye we didn't hug or anything I'm not sure if he gave him the impression that I don't like him cos I wanted to hug him but I don't like PDA unless your my friend whos a girl cos when its a guy people come up with ideas etc anyways I sent him a text saying I had a good time with him (im not sure if I said hope to see you soon)

but he never texted me back so I'm a bit skeptical what do I do?


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  • Girls actually having the care to text first are rare, so if he isn't replying I would move on. Clearly he is taking you for granted

    • thank you so much I'm just really annoyed cos I feel like I've been played

  • Wait and see if you hear from him again I guess. I wouldn't push it any more than you have. If he looked a bit like a player to you and he isn't showing you much interest that's probably your brain telling you this is a bad idea.

    • the thing is I texted him 2 days ago and he still hasn't replied and he just seems like the guy that makes excuses but thank you anyway

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