Ok I need some dire help.

There is this girl that I have been dating. Up to last week we went on a date. The past couple days she hasn't answered my texts. I try to setup a date whenever I can, the thing she told me she really liked me to in the last date. I know if a guy likes a girl he should keep pursuing her. In my case especially since she has not talks me to leave her alone and actually told me she likes me. What I do is send her a nice little text in the morning to let her know I like her and I'm thinking about her. It's just that I'm not to sure of myself since she isn't answering especially after the last couple days and me calling and getting voicemail today. Still waiting her to call me back. I don't want to lose this girl because I really think she is beautiful inside and out. I really think that she is the one, I'm having a hard time thinking this might not work out. Don't get me wrong if it doesn't I will get over it eventually, I just really like having her around and trying to make her happy.


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  • just keep showing you are interested. there is nothing you can do to make her do or say anything. you only have control over your own actions. don't seem desperate though. then she might see you as just another option and might not turn to you for quite a while. but you're right that you should continue pursuing her! if she is what you want, then don't give up unless you don't want her. be romantic. but if you guys have only been on a couple dates, she may be feeling uneasy. also, just because she said she really likes you, you have to keep in mind that sometimes people just say things. how did she say it? was she enthusiastic about it? did she mean she just enjoyed your company? only time will tell I think


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