Turnoffs, immediately write someone off or give them a chance?

When someone does something that is a turnoff to you.

Do you immediately write them off or talk to them about it and give them another chance?

Specifically texting and sending two or three messages. Not because you aren't getting a response, but because you are just telling them something. Or its your way of texting. Some people aren't good at it. Like me, but I don't mean any harm by what I do.


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  • Yeah when some one does something that is a turnoff I will tell them about it


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  • I don't know about other people but I would defenantly want someone to tell me if I said something bad, if someone Saud a turnoff to me I don't even react, because I don't want them to feel bad.

  • if you're talking about double messaging. if you are just explaining things in detail, that's fine. if its like "omg are you there? (2 hours later) yo, you there?" then it's a little creepy.

    as for a turnoff, I usually give someone a chance unless the turnoff is a really big one.

    • I guess it is just me saying random things. Like I didn't expect responses but I was just talking.

      Then I could tell things were getting confused through text, but I wanted to explain what I meant so it was a couple. Basically saying "I don't want this to get blown out of proportion so could we talk to sort things out? " I don't know if he'll respondor if I completely ruined things.

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