I am afraid to date or try because I think I am not manly enough.

I have this inner fear of not trying to go for girls, I mean, I can talk to them, and I want to get with them if I like them, but in the back of my head, I doubt myself because I am not manly enough for the woman because that is what girls want right?

I am 5'5, 117 pounds, I am small and skinny, I feel as if, if I ever get a girl, I won't be able to satisfy her because I am not manly enough, be able to pick her up, or she might even be a bit heavier than me, and girls definitely do not want a short guy.

So, sometimes, I just lose all hope in ever finding a girl, because I don't think I'm good enough for girls because I think that is what they seek. I have fallen in love once, and I am still getting over it at this very moment, I never dated the girl, but we were friends and I really caught deep genuine feelings for her, than she let me know that she wants a friend right now, and we haven't talked in 3 weeks and its killing me inside as I try to move on, but I want to text her and talk to her. Should I text her first? How do I approach this..

I am a kissless 23 year old virgin too. And moving on is so hard because, I don't think I'm right material for girls.


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  • Here's my view about this: being manly is an ATTITUDE, it's the way you present yourself, it's the way you walk, you talk, you sit, the way you treat a lady by taking initiative...it's a confidence that flows inside out...it has nothing to do with your experience, being a virgin or not, or any of that crap...

    some guys just get that attitude growing up from their surrounding,being around lots of men, father,uncle, friends, or if they play certain types of sports (may be active/ aggressive sports like football,basketball or wrestling). so if you think you don't have that attitude, it's not a problem because you can really learn it, practice it until you're that man...watch people around you, who do you think has a manly attitude learn from them. But this attitude has to flow inside out, you have to feel it yourself to be able to transmit it to girls...good luck ;)


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  • Don't listen to Cromartie he doesn't know what he is talking about. If you're 5 foot and 5 acres and weigh 177 pounds you're not some dipstick that girls wouldn't see as attractive Try wearing some cowboy boots and some jeans and a Nice shirt in public areas. I am sure Young ladies will see that as attractive

    • That's right, listen to the pussy who doesn't have the courage to not go anonymous while he feeds you some bullshit that makes you feel better instead of addressing the fact that your mindset is shit.

    • Jack off Cromartie I can give what ever response I want on and I don't appriciate any disrespect

  • If you don't think you're manly enough: You're not.

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