I feel like I am annoying him. Am i?

THere is this guy he told me he liked e and I liked him too and I moved away and we have still kinda been keeping touch. last week I didn't hear anything from him and then he texts me and says he has been thinkin a lot about me. Sense then I have texted him and messaged him on Facebook and sent him a snapchat. not in the same hour or aything but like over one day. do you think I am annoying him. or does he even care aboput me anymore. I hate not kowing what to do. Please help

We hadn't talked in like a week and sometimes his phone doesn't work and it won't let him on Facebook so I send one of both and its like five hours apart.


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  • Well, you can start by calming down. Sending multiple messages even in the course of one day seems desperate. Besides, maybe he's busy all day and hasn't had time to respond.

    • Same answer as before, calm down. He obviously can't answer back easily if his phone is having problems and it won't let him on FB.

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  • Slow down...wait for him to respond to you. Are you talking one text, one FB message and one snap chat? A little much at once. Just wait and hold back a little. Give him a chance to miss you and think about you.