Is she hiding something?

Okay so my girlfriend goes to this park that's about 40 minutes away from me. She goes there every weekend and most of the time after school. I've asked her many times if I could go with her and just chill with her there. But she always says no, I ask her why and she always says that she doesn't know. I've brought it up many times. Supposedly he hangs with her middle school friends there. She has told me what she does at the park. Chasing little kids, playing ball. That doesn't bother me that the fact she plays with little kids, their 7th graders and she's 9th. But the fact that she doesn't let me go there bothers me. Summers coming up and I asked her about the whole thing, she said we can just go to a different park.

Whats up?

The thing is she doesn't seem like the kind of girl that would cheat. We never have problems. I just offered cause she seems to be always getting injured at the park (clumsy) from cuts to bruises cause she plays handball at the park.
Once she said "i don't want you to see me in my natural habitat" and how she didn't want me to see how she played handball because it might make her look bad. And also her "bestie" seem to be having problems with each other.
Possibility she doesn't want me to be involved with her personal drama with her friends?
I do trust her a lot, but then again.. if I actually trusted her I wouldn't worry about what's she doing. But I just thought it was really weird how she just wouldn't let me.

And awhile back when I asked her if I can in the summer she said. "Maybe" which is her way of saying yes. She said that her bestie now has ditched for her ex. And they both hang at the same park. Possibility she wants to get away from all of that?
I can't all I know that its 20 blocks away from the train station, that I would have to get off on. I live in New York/ we both live in different borough. So I don't know where the park is.
I don't feel to the point where I think she's REALLY cheating on me. If I did, I would of stalked her long ago. I only feel confusion of what's really going on at the park.


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  • There's no trust in the relationship - break it off with her... If you refuse to do so, show up and see what she is doing, if she IS with another dude, act more mature than your age and be calm about the situation -- Approach her and break it off without calling her names etc when she isn't around her friends.

    Dont scream and yell at her, just be like "i came to the park and saw you with a guy, it looked odd and as such I can't be with someone I can't trust; I hope this didn't ruin your day, but I'm firm on my decision"

    Her reaction will vary, but regardless - hold your cool and thank her; then leave and don't communicate (If she was cheating on you or seeing someone else.)

    If you explode and scream at her, congratulations you classify as any other 9th grader. Show her your different and don't ^_^ She will want you back and then you can have the liberty to be like "Sorry, I'm not interested in playing games right now"

    Good luck and I hope all is well, but truthfully - you should break it off anyways as you don't have trust in her.~


    • *In regards to your update* -- Still, you don't trust her ; don't mistreat her because of the insecurity of the relationship, she has feelings to.There's three options

      Option A - Leave her anyways and move on

      Option B - Spy on her and see what's going on for yourself

      Option C - Don't let it bother you and accept the fact that you don't know what she's doing.

      I would recommend moving on anyways ^_^ Remember to keep your cool as she has feelings also~


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    • Playing mystery, I suppose that's not a good thing?

    • How I view it - mind games are a PITA (Pain in the ass) ;; the girl will do one thing, but make you feel like something else. The easiest way to make yourself feel better is to find out what's going on. If she won't let you do that, I would just move on ^_^

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  • i think the best thing is to trust her. she probably does have a reason for why she doesn't want you to go, but it doesn't seem like it is anything you should worry about. maybe its sentimental to her or something. continually asking her about it might make it seem as though you aren't respecting her personal boundaries. if by the slightest chance she isn't really going to this mall for the reasons that she says she is, and she's cheating or something. then you'll find out somehow and you are better off without someone like that anyways. but if she hasn't done anything to earn your mistrust then you should let her be.

  • I wouldn't start thinking that she's cheating on you or something that is a little weird that she won't let you see just once or something, but then again, that might just be "her space." Somewhere she feels like she can act like herself with her good friends...but if it's that big of a deal to you, try to explain it to her but don't make her think you are jumping to conclusions. That'll just get you in trouble if she's just hanging out like she says.

    hope it helps some...


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  • That's DEFINITLY a red flag. That's not to say there acctually is something going on but it certainly sounds fishy.

    If you can, when you know she'll be at the park, go there yourself and see what she's up to but do not approach her, basically spy on her.

    If she'd acctually give you a reason as to why she doesn't want you to go, I wouldn't suggest this, but sometimes you need to get creative since she's not willing to tell you anything.