No Text message 3 days.

Okay so I ask this girl out last Friday for a movie and she said yes. Sunday I texted her to see how she is doing, but no reply? Does this mean the movie out is canceled? Is she ignoring me because I text her on Sunday? Was it a bad idea? Please help and thanks!


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  • If a person is interested in you they will not ignore you because

    you texted on a certain day.

    When is your movie date supposed to be?

    I would give it time, perhaps she is busy.

    Closer to the movie date, try to text again.

    "Hey, how's it going? Are we still on for ____ day?'

    If she continues not to respond then forget about her.

    She doesn't have the balls to tell you she isn't interested.

    • Yeah I feel ignored :(

      I ask her for Sunday 15th

      I'll try until Saturday which I'm gonna call her directly

      Thank you for the help!

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  • If you had a specific day for the movie, then ask her the day before that day "Hey, are the plans still on for tomorrow?" Something of that sort. If she doesn't reply AT THAT POINT, then you have your answer. Forget about her, she's not interested.

    • Alright I will try that! If no reply... Dang it's gonna be hard to just forget about her like that :( but yeah thank you for comment and help!

    • I know exactly what you mean, but trust me if she hasn't been around for that long, it'll be fine. Plenty of great women in the world. And no problem :)

  • Not interested

  • Text her one more time

  • Try once more. No reply = you will be ditched.


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