Girls: date at bar (without looking sleazy)?

i'm cool with having a first date at a cafe, but would a second date, drinks at a bar work?

1. I'm not looking for quick sex

2. I'm not looking for date rape

3. I'm actually into intellectual pursuits and all that

but I just wanted a setting a little more lax, fun and natural. like a day at a cafe can establish a mental connection, but I do want something to inject some of that lust into things.

but without all the sleaze.

any advice?


if you went to a cafe with a guy and you enjoyed your time with him and have no qualms about him. he invites you to a bar next week at 8pm , would you accept or would you have some doubts.


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  • As long as the bar is decent with no loud music, or too noisy it is okay

    • well, its moreso a friendly (but still modern) local bar, where you would find both men and women in their mid-late 20's (not old fishermen). its not so much an urban club.

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    • @update accept if I like or feel comfortable around him and have topics why not

    • Let her know that the bar is conducive place preferably a place she has heard of already then she will have some ideas it is like. Keep your ur approach light and and casual

  • As longs as it's not a real seedy dive bar, I don't see a problem with it. Bonus if there's food to snack on...that might just be me though lol.


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