Am I wrong?

I was at a party with a friend on Friday, and I met my friends friend who kept staring at me gave me his number. I didn't feel a connection, and thought he was kind of cheesy. He had also JUST broken up with his last girlfriend, so I was thinking that either I was just a rebound girl, or he doesn't care about relationships. Needless to say, I didn't call him.

My friend keeps criticizing me, calling me vain ,and telling me I didn't give him a fair chance. She told me that the reason I don't have a date for prom is because I aim too high, and that he is my type because he is funny.

Out of all the qualities I like in a guy, funny was the only one he had.

Should I have given him more of a chance? Am I vain?


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  • If you didn't feel a connection you were in the right - it's a lot better than giving him a shot and then throwing him out of your life like a piece of old luggage you don't want to carry ^_^

    keep in mind, if your getting comments like that from your friends that you are being "vain" that you should take a close look at yourself - if you put yourself way up there on a pedistle then pull yourself back down -- we're all human, even if you don't want to be approached all the time, its easier to help someone that isn't being "vain"

    You were in the right though, I wouldn't want a girl to give it a shot if she knew it wasn't what she wanted - that would be stupid as hell, I would get my hopes up thinking its going somewhere (of course playing it cool... *brushes off shirt*) but at the same time it wouldn't be going anywhere and I would(nt) get shut down.

    Hope it helps~



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  • You were correct. You simply are not attracted to him and you have the right to choose who you date. If you do not feel attracted to him, you will just be sent on a boring date. At the same time, accepting a date would give him false hope that you are attracted to him, when you are not. You did the right thing because the guy will be able to move on and think about another girl, then thinking about you when you do not feel any attraction towards him and would give him false hope.


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  • If you don't like him you don't like him. Don't listen to your friend, everyone has an opinion they're like assholes. I think it's wrong to waste someone's time if you know you don't like them from the jump. It's not "vain" to have standards