How did this date go from a guy'a perspective?

Had a coffee date with a man yesterday, Think he was nervous and a little shy but he seemed to open up a lot more as time passed.

We spent an hour together as I had to be elsewhere after. He had a quick glance at his mobile and that is when I said let's go because I thought it might have been a hint. But he said that we should stay in contact and that he will text me. It's been a day and I've not received anything. Is he brushing me off?

Conversation generally flowed well, he found some of the stuff I said funny, as I mentioned earlier he definitely became at ease as time went on. When we saw each other we hugged, but I didn't hug him when we were leaving each other because I didn't know what to do lol.


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  • I think things went well. I wonder if he feels like perhaps you were a bit disinterested since you sort of broached the subject of ending the date. he may be thus waiting to hear from you to see if you are interested. but if he suggested that you guys do something later then it's fair to say that he probably is interested

    • I had to go back to work as I was on my lunch break which he was aware of... He was going to see his friend or something I think. The thing is, we arranged to meet a few weeks ago but he ignored the message when I asked him what time we were meeting on a particular day. Instead he text me a day later with nothing in relation to that. I replied and then he replied but I didn't bother texting him. That was about 3 weeks ago and then he text me completely out of the blue. Don't get it?

    • well this is rather important information... in my opinion that situation shows a guy who is probably not that interested. perhaps he's dating different people so he a dating lull followed up with you weeks after contact. sounds to me like perhaps he isn't all that interested.

    • Yeah that's the doubt that I had in the back of my mind. It's annoying- when I did really like him, he did the whole disregarding meeting up thing. And when I sort of got over it all, he text me again. If he doesn't contact me I shouldn't text him either. Right?

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  • your over thinking it which is normal, the date went fine. He will text you if he's interested which could take up to three days because of the simple fact he doesn't wanna seem needy. You could always texts him and say you enjoyed the coffee and would like to set up a second date.


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  • No one can tell you. Generally first dates are only for one reason - to establish if there is an attraction.

    Even if it went amazingly well and was the best date he's ever had or will ever have, if he's not attracted to you it doesn't matter.