A guy I met online drove 5 hrs to meet me?

I recently joined a dating site and met this guy

Who's 5 hrs away from me (driving)

We started talking and texting he seems like a decent

Guy, 2 weeks later he drove 5 hrs to come

Meet me... My question is how many guys

Are actually willing to drive five hrs to meet a girl

He met online... Is it a sign that his desperate

Or did he think his going to get pussy from me?

Or am I just over reacting ?

Should I be concerned


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  • Well keep in mind he didn't join a dating site for nothing. The fact that he was willing to drive for 5 hours means that he doesn't want to waste any time waiting for a more ideal moment. If he lives 5 hours away then that's not suddenly going to change, so he might as well drive up to you to meet you sooner rather than later.

    Sounds to me like he just thinks waiting for a more ideal moment feels like more of a waste of time to him than driving for 5 hours to see what this might lead to.


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  • I don't think he's clearly thinking honestly. I don't foresee anything coming from it. Possibly sex motivated but not 100%.

  • I moved 700 damn miles for a girl. And drove for 8 straight hours 4 damn times. AND FLEW 1,043 MILES FOR A WOMAN!

    That man is a total pussy.

    • Really ?! That makes him a pussy ?

      May I ask you this... What made you drive so long to see her ?

    • Love! Duh! :D

      Also, he's not a real pussy.

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