Next step after a casual date? Do not want to go too slow, or too fast?

So here are the details for those of you interested:

- I met some girl at a networking party/event

- We both happened to speak up/present at the event

- We met up in the lobby afterward and complimented each other on presentations. I asked her to casually grab some drinks with me sometime, so we can chat some more. She accepted, and gave me her number.

- I texted her a few days to schedule it. She initially couldn't really find time and gave a wishy-washy answer, but after asking her for a straight answer, we agreed upon a quick dinner at a casual dining place.

So now, what's next? I think she's somewhat interested. If this first casual "date" goes well, should I be prepared to ask her to go out again sometime on another simple dinner date. Or should I keep it slow, not mention the word date, and ask her for coffee or drinks again sometime.

Also, do you think she "sees" or "realizes" that this first casual meeting is a "date"?

As always, thank you for your responses.


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  • During the casual date mention to her that you'd love a chance to take her on a real date sometime if she interested. Her response to the comment should help you decide how to proceed from there.


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