She seems to like me as we kiss and hug a lot... But says we should stop seeing each other

We know each other for one month. We went out 3 times and have a great time together. A bit awkward sometimes though. She fetch me from my workplace twice though its 30 minutes bus ride from her home (she makes effort). We chatted well on whatsapp but many a times she is online and not replying me.

Yesterday she have not reply me at all for 24 hours or one liner "Lol" kind and I became emotionally (wrong move) and text her messages like wake up never text me, last night message also nv reply. I dunnoe what your thinking, I'm very unsure of your feelings for me.. etc etc

She immediately told me I'm not her boyfriend and no need to report to me about her ongoings, if we will together it will be worst. I think we should perharps stop seeing each other and she obviously not the girlfriend material that I am seeking.

Note that when we are together we french and hugs like nobodys business.

I panic and apologise and ask for another chance and say I will give her much needed space blah blah, she replied no need to do that as she shouldn't be dragging this any longer. She honestly think we should stop seeing each other.

I back off and say I understand. And text her a few hours later wishing her all the best but hope to still talk and hang out as friends. She say that will be really great.

So I asked her out she says maybe we shouldn't meet too soon let the feelings die down a bit first.

I really need help from you experts out there now... Will there still be a chance of winning her heart ? If yes what should I do ? Is this the I need some space thingy that she is presenting to me ?


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  • She wants to take it slow


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