Can he call himself exclusive without implying he's my boyfriend?

I've been trying to bring up the ''are we a couple" dilemma. We met online, so it took a while before I actually trusted him. We've been on 4 dates, been texting each other all day and night for almost 3 weeks.We always message each other even more around bed time, he always texts me first thing in the morning before work. He's paid and travelled to my area for every date, even offered to drop his evening plans to come see me if I could (I'm in my finals, so I really have almost no free time).

He says I've won him over. He claims that I have my name all over his face in black sharpie and that his roommate knows about me cause he always has a huge grin when he gets a text from me and apparently he sometimes whines that he misses me out loud, at home. Last night, he said I had him on an exclusive leash (lol). He always calls me ''his girl'' and cute pet names. He's very tender and sweet. Texts me to cheer me up when I'm studying. He says he misses me and wants to hold me all the time and that I'm always on his mind.

So BASICALLY, I think we're together, obviously. I asked him what I should do with the other dudes I used to chat with online. He was like "Dump them, they're not helping anyone". I replied "I should tell them I can't talk anymore cause they've been shifted by another online dude". He chuckled and said he'd love reading that. So ANYWAY, I don't know why but I feel like it's not official until I hang out with his friends and he introduces me to them as his girlfriend. WHY? Why, am I so hung up with what he introduces me as, I don't know. But somehow, since we met online, I feel like it won't hit me until his people get involved. What do you think?


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  • You are right to be concerned.

    You have only been out on a few dates and for a short time and already he is claiming you as his own.

    Whether you like him or not, you should not allow any guy to be able to claim you this easily. He should have to struggle at least a little bit to win your affections and struggle a lot for you to take yourself off the market just for him.

    Easy come easy go. If he gets you easily he can leave you just as easily since it didn't require much effort to be with you in the first place.

    So, the question isn't whether you are boyfriend and girlfriend. The question is how long will you stay that way. By the sound of the way the relationship is starting, not long.

    He's telling you to dump all of the other guys who are courting you, but I guarantee you that he will not give you the same courtesy (although he will say he will).

    Be smart and make him date you for longer and get to know you better before you allow him to call you his own.

    There's a lot more about this in this book - How To Get Men Of Value


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