Guys why do you offer to pay?

Like for dinner or the movies?

I'm never really sure what to think. I always offer to pay on dates but most guys insist on paying for the full thing, why?

Last week, I've been out 5 times. Only 2 were dates, the others just with group of friends and I didn't pay for any of them.

The dates I mean OK, but why did my friends offer to pay for my dinner? I don't know how to interpret it? As being nice or as expression of interest?


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  • Because we are showing you that we can afford It and subliminally showing you that we can provide for you.

    Societal norms. Gender roles. Not paying makes us look cheap or less "manly"

    Who ever asks the other out pays. Technically we are then the host if we asked you out so we should foot the bill

    Chivalry and all that jazz


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  • If I ask you if you want to go out dinner I assume I will be paying since I asked, if I am asked out to dinner I do not assume I will be paying because I did not ask.

  • to make you feel guilty and obligated to pay it back with your body... if you know what I mean.


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