He said I text him too much.

My boyfriend and I used to call and text eachother a lot in the beginning. Its fizzled down over the past couple months, but lately I've been going through a rough time with my family and have bern having mini panic attacks. And it gets worse because oftentimes, my boyfriend will completely ignore my calls or texts, which only makes me upset and I text more. The other nite, he told me that he ignores me because I'm so much drama and over the edge. Ouch. I reminded hom of how he was pretty annoying to me at his low point in life, but I was always here for him and never made it worse by ignoring him. So now, I only text when he does. Like this morning, he txt me "good morning" and I replied the same to him. And Haven't text or called him anymore. In a way, I hope he will miss me and hearing from me . But at the same time, I think maybe this ship needs to sail. Any advice?


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  • "I think maybe this ship needs to sail"

    I completely 100% agree with you.

    If a boyfriend doesn't know how to comfort you and care for you when you need it, then he is not the right person for you.

    I was in your same exact situation, I have a lot of family problems, and just a lot of stuff I needed help with and it clashed with my relationship. I dated the guy for two years. About a year and a half in is when my family problems escalated and he got annoyed at me for increasingly wanting to talk to him, and he cheated on me (then he begged for a second chance when I stopped talking to him and I did (because I was an idiot) and then he ended up being a manipulative asshole who wanted me to support and do everything for him but I got nothing in return. Don't let that happen to you. Dump him when you have the chance. he doesn't deserve you. If a guy LOVED you he would be there for you no matter what, he would do anything to make you happy (at least if you are temporarily going through some rough stuff) and I know guys that are loving like that, they ARE out there. So don't feel dependent on him, if you do. If you were there for him, he should be there for you. I cannot stress how strongly I feel about this. If he's already expressing disinterest, he's probably going to break up with you. So I would just either prepare yourself or do it yourself, and really surround yourself with people that can listen to you when you're going through this stuff, and worst case scenario find a therapist, just because you shouldn't feel alone. And someday someone will appreciate you and treat you the way you should be treated.


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  • If you're going through something at the moment, then he was wrong. Now, if you're always like this, then that might be different, but, if that's the case, then I don't see why he hasn't broken up with you.

  • I tell girls this on this website all the time.

    No matter how often he communicates with you in the early days of a relationship, sooner or later it will drop down to a more manageable level that guys are able to sustain.

    The fact that this happened at the same time as your drama is coincidence. It would have happened anyway. It's just now he has something to blame it on and kind of make you think it's your fault. I think that's a dickish move.

    " In a way, I hope he will miss me and hearing from me"

    That's probably not going to happen in the way that you hope.

    Face to face meetings / dates is the only way to save this. If you can't meet (because it's LDR) then yeah, you can bring this to an end.


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  • Well if you speak to him and he doesn't really hear you, or try to feel what your going through... or ask you a few hours later via text or w/e if you are OK then ship at least needs a break... the thing is that you don't want a break you would be doing it for him (which would make you bitter about doing it)... if he pulls the trigger it's going to hurt more... I'm seeing someone and parts of it are very tricky... but when I tell him I'm sad or confused about us he's willing to talk, even though sometimes it's a repeat convo...

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