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I had been talking to a guy for close to a year, we had gone on several date- dinner, concerts - and always either hung out or texted at least a few times a week. My friends would always ask if we were dating, and I'd have to reply no, but we were pretty much exclusive, so we might well have been. Eventually, though, I got tired of this year-long whatever it was and I brought it up. I noted that I didn't want things to become awkward, and wanted to stay friends, if that's what we were. Or if he considered us, more, I liked him, but I wanted to get things clear. He responded that it was obvious that we both really liked each other, but that he wasn't ready to be a boyfriend to someone yet, and said that he felt like our timing was just off, and listed some reasons why I probably wouldn't a boyfriend either.

So now I don't know what to make of that, we're still friendly and will talk occasionally but nothing like before, and now there's a really sweet guy who keeps taking me out and I think we could definitely date, but part of me is still hung up on the other guy. Should I wait until "the timing is right", or is that just a nice way of saying "I don't want to date you?" After already enduring a year, I don't want to keep holding out for something that will never be, but I also don't want to miss an opportunity.


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  • Your young... I say go for the new guy.. The other guy may eventually come around after a long while though like a year and after you've been in a relationship with someone else (been there).. I'm not in a very different but similar situation. where the guy I'm seeing is recently divorced and is still figuring a lot of himself out because they were together for most of his 20's.. It's only been 5/6 months but I told him that I want more and we've been trying to figure things out for the past few weeks because while he isn't ready he also don't want to lose me or screw things up by moving faster then he is emotionally ready too... He told me that he hope's he can be ready soon because I deserve more, and he wishes that he met me instead of her 6 years ago (and he checks up on me when he knows I'm confused about it).. It's one thing if a guy's actually not ready, it's another if a guy is immature and young.. One thing I know, a guy does not like it when they lose a girl to someone else... Your moving on will show him weather he tells you or not


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  • It's been a year, so there's really no valid reason why it shouldn't be official. A year is more than enough time to get over an ex or to get your life in order.

    I say move on to this new guy and if the old guy gives you any crap about it tell him he should have acted when he had the chance.

  • Go ahead and date this new guy and don't forget to post your pictures together in FB or some place where the other guy will notice. If the other guy wants you, he'll do something quickly so as not to lose you.


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