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After my last dating experience I decided to take a break from dating. I took one month off. Two weeks into that I went out with some girlfriends and a man approached me introducing himself as Larry. I was being sarcastic and so was he and we laughed a lot. He asked for my number and I let him take it. He texted me Immediately after leaving and said thanks for making his night . We talked a bit by text in next few days and h told me his real name is Saheeed. He said he was bing silly with his mate and is sorry. Anyway I was thinking he might be too immature, but he promised he's not. He wants to takes out and I told him in two weeks. Since then he visited me twice and we chatted in the sun. One time he came past just because I had a bad day and said I could do with a hug. I guess I'm just wary because I met him in a bar. But he's always respectful, listens to my boundaries and I like talking to him. One big problem though is that he is Muslim (from london), and I'm catholic . And I don know of it's worth pursuing? He joked he would convert lol. And makes jokes about is getting married. He says he's not a strict Muslim. Ah gee, any advice?


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  • Well Muslims can marry catholics .. the problem is in the kids. So it isn't about you converting or him converting. You can both maintain your religions. It is the kids that usually makes the issues.

    Apart from that bit above.. you should treat him like any other dude. He probably lied about his name because he doesn't want to sound too foreign . ( Want to blend in and want you to look past his name) . After September 11 , sadly many Muslims are associated with a terrorism and everything bad that walks on earth. I am a Muslim myself, but I don't hide my name. Whomever knows me well is knows they are lucky to be around me so ... and if they can't get past my birth name then I definitely don't want them in my life.

    In regards to bars.. well.. many men go there fore fun.. but look at yourself.. you were there also and you are a respectable girl.. he could be also a good dude that goes there to hang and have fun with his friends. You gotta take responsibility in all your relationships. You will hurt men and men will hurt you . Weather you met them in bars or high school. The secret is to not just sit back and let the man drive the relationship where he wants.. have standards and voice your opinion and disagreements. By doing that you will weed out people who won't wanna make an effort to know you on a deeper level. Date him without too much expectations and don't sleep with him . If he loves you he will stick.


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  • The fact you met in a bar tells you he's not 'honorable' in his intentions. He's learned to stay respectful...for a while..if he wants to get the girl into bed.

    Who knows what else he's faking, besides his name, and religion?

    He may not be a 'strict' Muslim, but there's likely no future, since there will be all kinds of conflict with his family if you actually did get serious.

    Since you're coming off a bad experience, I'd advise against taking flyers when there are so many red flags. It's not impossible things could work out, but are you in a risk-taking mood right now? It doesn't sound like it.


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  • No, to be honest

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