So I'm dating an amazing guy...

things are good between me&him, we are both in the army. We are both stationed in korea. And last night he told me, that I make coming to korea worth it, and he tries his utmost to make me happy. I can see something more, I just think its a little too soon. opinions?


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  • My best advice would be to go for the gold if you are both extremely happy together. In some cases, yes it could be a little too soon, but I am a believer in "love at first sight" which means to me, that maybe that's just what you have found here.

    Hope I helped,


    • We are very happy together, he's risking so much to be with me. we both know it, that's why I'm a little standoffish.

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    • My intiution is to be with him, its never been this way with anyone. He amazes me, interests me. Listens to what I say down to the smallest detail.

    • Which is exactly what you need for one of the most magnificent relationships. I wish you best of luck, and I am going to be on here daily, so if you ever need any more help just add me to friends and we can use the IM.

      Thanks for "best answer" rating BTW.


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