Why is there a double standard when it comes to guys wanting to date a 10

I've always wondered why do so many people give guys a hard time when they say they deserve a girl/women who's a 10? Some just assume the guy will only get a 10 if he's a 10 or good looking himself. But what I don't understand is if a girl/women wanted to date someone who's a 10 people will tell her go for it. So why the double standard? I'll admit I'm a 5 on a bad day and probably a solid 7 if I dress nice, smell good and confident which I rarely am so why aren't I allowed to date a 10? If I'm confident? But a girl/women can no matter what she looks like.

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  • I don't know why either. Guys are expected to take what they can get and settle for less when it comes to dating, but women are never expected to settle or to take what they can get . While no one is entitled to having a particular mate, I think society expects men to settle and take what they can get more than women


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  • Just being honest, I don't think there's a double standard here because I've never heard a woman say that she wants a "10." I only hear men talking about wanting women of a high looks rating or asking how to attract a woman more attractive than themselves.

    If you can find a question from a woman on here stating the contrary then I take it back, but from my experience here, I've never seen it. It's really only the guys trying to land the "10." The women either have other priorities, or only ask for a guy as attractive as they are.

    • I get what your saying but the majority of females will act like because their female she's automatically deserving of a 10? Believe me when I say I don't go after women anymore because I already know they will just say no doesn't matter if she's a 10 or a 2.

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    • Really? Huh its like OK because I was born a female I'm deserving of a 10 lol.

    • No, I've really never heard that before. Women aren't told they deserve anything in terms of looks. We are told a lot about how WE have to look, but not much about men or what we deserve.

  • Because nobody DESERVES someone of a certain attractiveness level, whether they're a woman or a man. Nobody "deserves" shit in the dating world to be honest. Either you get someone or you don't. Also, I've never heard a woman specifically say she want to have a man who's a 10. I've only heard girls say "I want a good-looking/hot man", i.e. they're not comparing human beings to numbers.

    It's not that you're not allowed to date someone who's a 10 if you genuinely like her and she genuinely likes you back. It's just that it's kind of a stupid and unrealistic thing to say, that you only want, go for and deserve girls who are really hot. And lastly, dating someone just because they're a 10 or really attractive is plain stupid. There should be more to dating and relationships than looks. If you date someone solely because of their appearance, you're being incredibly shallow.

    • I've never heard a woman specifically say she want to have a man who's a 10. I've only heard girls say "I want a good-looking/hot man Isn't t this the same thing as wanting a 10? How am I being shallow? You have no proof that I'm shallow your just assuming I am. Women are more shallow than men I've never see a women give a fat homeless a guy her phone number. Seriously are you a feminists?

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    • That's because there's more shelters for women than for men so of course a man is gonna give his phone number to a homeless woman. And you just said people are considered good looking if their a 6 or an 8? I did mention that I'm a 5 on a bad day and a 7 on a good day which ironically still puts me in the unattractive side since I'm not a 6 or an 8.

    • Have you ever seen a woman giver her number to a homeless man? Fuck no so stop being a hypocrite. Its funny that you accuse me of being incredibly shallow but than say a 6 can't be hotter than a 7? LMFAO your the dumb one. I hate no I loath feminists.

  • Because a 5-7 woman might WANT to date a guy who is a 10, but they tend to be realistic enough to know they have a low chance of that happening. Whereas many 5-7 men think they have a good chance at getting a woman who is a 10.

    It annoys a lot of women because we recognize the work it takes to being beautiful, even if we aren't all 10s ourselves, we know how much effort it takes to look like one, so women can feel like "where does this guy get off expecting perfection when he is average as the day is long?" Kind of like how I notice some men will get irritated about a woman thinking she's entitled to a man's money just because of her looks even if she is lazy and doesn't contribute. It takes a lot of effort for the man to make the money but here goes a gold digger thinking she is entitled to it because she is hot. The same way guys feel about that is how girls feel about guys who aren't 10s but think they're entitled to date 10s.

    • Huh right I see.

    • No one ever criticizes women for wanting a attractive financially secure guy, but if a guy wants a attractive woman, he gets called shallow and/or accused of acting entitled Plus women are way more picker then men are so there's no way to compare what how women or men view who's a 10 or not . I'm pretty sure 5-7 women can get a 10 guy quicker than a 7-8 guy can get a 9-10 woman.

  • I've never known a woman to say they want a man of a certain attractiveness level. Nor have I heard one rate attractiveness with numbers.

    ...seems like a man thing!

    • Of course their not gonna say out loud.

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    • I said I want to date a 10 never said I deserved one. NO women on EARTH IS GONNA DATE A GUY WHO'S A 3, 4 OR 5 WHEN SHE CAN GET SOMEONE BETTER. Why is that so hard to understand? I doubt if you guys saw a guy who was a 3 and a guy who was a 10 you'd go after the 3. And you know what Harveykinkle how many guys have you had to approach to get a date or a phone number? I'll save you the headache 0

    • Lol his blindness to his own hypocrisy is astounding.

  • You can date who ever you like and have whatever standards you want. However, you need to accept that they may not be realistic. If a girl who's a 5-7 wanted to date a 10, people would consider that unrealistic too.

  • Women don't say they want 10s in the looks department ever


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