He asks me to text him, after I asked him to text me?

So I have a crush on my co-worker. We text each other and have been trying to get a day together to hang out. There is definite chemistry between us, but what confuses me about him is he doesn't text me that often. He will text me back whenever I text him, but it usually drops off after a few texts. So the other day when leaving the job, as a reflex I basically was like "See you later, text me." and then he responds with "No, you text me!" I was like, okay I'll text you, but I always text him first. I don't know what this means. Also, the last few days I have not texted him, it went on almost a week because I wanted to see if he would text me back. Any thoughts?

Also I did text him that next day, I called out of work, and because he worked that day he texted back with "You didn't come to work today." So he noticed I didn't come in. good sign?


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  • yeah he seems like he is just not real big on texting .. sure girls love to text I no I do but that don't mean that guys are just really into it .. sure he thinks nothing bad of it just some people like to text more then others . as long as you and him have chemistry and he clearly wants to make a date or "hang out" with you then there is no prob .. I have a male friend that always wants me to text him first and if I don't text him I might not hear from him for days but soon as I do we pick up right where we left off.. don't worry if he don't text you first.. as long as he text you back and isn't just flat out ignoring you then you would have a prob .. I would for sure hang out with him ASAP thou don't let to much time go by before doing so . just my opinion but the sooner the better

    • thank you for best answer.. hope you guys get together soon ..

    • Thanks so much! Yeah we are the same way where we pick right back up where we left off, so I'm gong to see how it goes, and keep the lines of communication open as much as possible! Thanks again for you're advice! :)

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