Which time period would be prefer to currently be living in?

Being as old as you are now, which time period would be prefer to currently be living in? Why?

And you can't say the future. lol

I wish I could be living in the 70s because there were no cell phones and no snapchat or texting. If you needed to talk to someone remotely, you had to call them up and hear their voice. And people knew each others' phone numbers by heart and there was no GPS so you had to learn your way around! gasp.

There was no online dating either. You had to put yourself out there and actually talk to someone to their face when you met him/her.


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  • I'd go back to 1300s most likely. So I could be there to help my ancestors secure my family line and position. And I've always been intrigued by knights and the Middle Ages.


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  • I'll stay where I am. It's a lose/lose for me to go back. If I go back to a time when the world was actually decent to "people of color" Malaria runs rampant and the concept of modern medicine doesn't exist. If I go back to a time where the tech existed but not beyond a certain point that I'm comfortable with I'd be right back in the Civil Rights movement.

    • but they weren't decent to colored people during the civil rights movement

    • "It's a lose/lose for me to go back." > I figured that out on my own.

  • I'd jump at the chance to live during the Peninsular War, visiting the sights of Spain and shooting Frenchmen :P

  • Well if I can't say the future I don't really care to go back.


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