Why does my boyfriend cancel our plans?

Been seeing my boyfriend for 4 months, we see each other twice a week normally which is plenty. But normally we spend the night together, rather than doing date nights or special planned things.

Lately, he's been between jobs and he works odd hours - he's out of pocket so he takes what work he can get from the 3 jobs he works, however, lately, he's been cancelling special date night plans he made for us because he wants work and "needs the money."

We were meant to go ice skating soon, but instead he'd rather work.

I get money is tight, but I want to see him? Am I being selfish?


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  • 'normally' is what exactly? Oh so you're in a sexual relationship but not married. Is that right? Yes, he isn't up to treating you to everything so its time to grow up. Yes you're being selfish. You got it right there.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you are being partially selfish. It sounds like he's in a financially tough time. So he wants to work as much as possible to keep up with bills. So that's why he's cancelling your plans.

    You want to spend time with him, and that's also something that he needs to understand. He should be making time for you. However, you have to be understanding at this time. If he truly needs the money to cover rent and food, and his car, well those are necessities. Without the money he's at risk of losing them. So you can't really fault him for wanting to work.

    I would try being understanding. Maybe when he gets over this rough time, he will be able to take you out on nice dates and spend more time with you.

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