What in the world is she doing?

I went on a first date with a 32 year old professional female back in late October. We matched up in age, closely in income, and had many shared interests. Since then, we have gone on 5 dates, talked/texted for hours. Last week she wanted to meet my dog, so we spent the day walking the dog, cooking dinner, and I even gave her a small gift for Christmas. She asked if I wanted to spend the night but with no sex. I upheld her requests. When we woke up she didn't talk to me, was short, and upset. She texted later and said it was too much for her to handle and didn't get sleep-even though she wanted all of it. Two days later, she writes me an email explaining NO MORE SLEEP OVERS because she got out of a hurtful relationship a year ago. We talked for 2 hours and she decided to come to my place that Friday (I live one 1/2 hours away until next month). She even texted me Friday morning at 6am proclaiming that she was excited to see me. Receive a text at 4pm, "sorry our date will be short, I have to take care of the nieces" and "my car is acting weird". I replied back "if I were you, I would stay home because its not worth your time to drive 3 hours roundtrip for dinner". She said "thats fine". She was short when I called her and then texted that she was having a bad day. My last text to her I stated "I'm sorry your having a a bad week but this is too much for me... when you feel better from whatever it is... you can contact me." No response yet. Why in the world would someone just drop me off the earth after hours of compliments, text, conversations, and dates to nothing?


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  • wow... I must say that you seem like the type of guy I would like to HAVE! That's for sure. You are really a good guy! I envy her. Second, it seems to me that maybe you are moving in a direction that she is not ready for. I don't believe that she is fully over her ex and she has other personal issues. You actually did the right thing when you told her to contact you when she's better. Right now, she is confused and by you being such a great guy it's just too MUCH for her to handle at this point. I do hope I helped. Good luck.


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