Is it me or is my race becoming more and more dominant in the dating scene?

Not to brag or boast , but I think us white guys are becoming dominant in the dating scene to the point where non white guys are becoming nonexistant in the dating scene online and out in real life, I see that more and more women are fawning over white guys. We used to just corner the market with Asian women only but now mixed race, Latino and black girls are fawning over us by the boatload. I use to think that black guys had us beat but from what I heard women online and real life say that black men aren't attractive and aren't good partners . I think that Asian ,Indian Arab , mixed race and Latino may still have a chance to compete with us white guys since some of them have some white features but not too many can compete . I know I'll get some politically correct BS from some female users but its okay I understand that you have a image to potray. Not racist at all I just thinking from what I've seen online, on here and out in real life leads me to believe that every race of woman believes that white guys are the best.

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  • Just to show you how much perspective really counts towards things like this, there was a question on here just yesterday wondering why white guys aren't "in demand" these days, and how they're made to seem inferior to other races of guys.

    So yeah, what you hear and what others hear might be two completely different things and who knows what represents the real big picture. But then I would hope people realize: there is no "big picture" and everyone has their own preferences in race. And just because a group of people have a particular preference, doesn't mean "that's the way it is".


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    Nobody is "fawning over white guys" any more than they're "fawning over Hispanic guys" truth is there's just more white guys than any other race in the US. When white people are 72% of the country OF COURSE they're going to get more girls vs the 12% of the population that's black. Not because they're white but because they're just not single.. gah. Stupid posters I swear

    Another thing is people are just plain more likely to date outside of their race than they were in previous generations. It's just more socially acceptable.

    Also another thing. If you have to state that something isn't racist chances are it is.

    PS I don't believe that white guys are the best. I have actually never been purely physically attracted to a 100% white guy (from European heritage) I'm more attracted to every other race out there although I have had white boyfriends and have nothing against dating outside of my race

    • So you're a hypocrite who wants to down me for speaking the truth huh? You know white guys are the best. That's why you have had white boyfriends.

    • ... did you only read that part of what I wrote? I hate trolls so much.

      I've had white boyfriends because I'm not a racist SOB like you that thinks race is the most important thing about selecting a partner or what makes someone "the best". If you really wanted to know my BEST boyfriends have been black and arabic in the past not white although I don't think race even had an effect on who was a better boyfriend and who wasn't

    • Us white guys are the best.

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  • What is this an attempt to balance out the I'm not racist but that other race are a real loser shit posted by trolls claiming to be every other race. Not enough oppressive bullshit on here?

    • Shh we are supposed to like all this crap

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    • Some day that I think ends in a y

    • Ohhhh Someday, yeah that secret day of the callendar that other races don't know about... mum's the word.

  • I think idiots and multiple accounts are even more prevalent.

    • 'Short circuit' people. ..just let them entertain us ::D now I find them entertaining

  • they just keep it on the low so as to not hurt your sensitive racial sensibilities..

  • Don't speak too soon. Some Arab, Indian and mixed raced dudes can give you a run for your money.

  • I like black girls the best. But most people would tell you white girls are the most in demand. Its all perspective. Every girl is different there are plenty of them out there for all us men, of any race, to share!