Why am I sort of scared to text in front of my family?

I'm 16, I've had a phone for like a year, and have been texting people since I got the phone and my parents and sister have "caught" me texting, whether it's them just walking into the room or me just thinking "screw it!" and then start texting.

I have no clue why, but I always hide my phone when they come in the room.

It's really annoying, even if I'm talking to people on face book I minus that window because I don't want them to know who I'm talking to, or what I'm talking about.

I hate it because, to my friends that I'm talking to, I just suddenly stop texting back.

I'm almost always texting girls because like 75% of my friends are girls and I like them better than guys (1-they're nicer 2- they're girls haha!)


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  • I used to have weird insecurities about things like that around my family that I didn't have around other people. I was afraid to let them know what music I listened to, I didn't want them to catch me working out, I was even afraid for them to initially find out that I liked girls. You just have to try to get over that fear and move past it.

    • Yeah I guess I'm just a little insecure around them, I don't like my family seeing my drawings, listen to my music. I guess ill just have to get over it :P

      thanks! :D

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  • Unless you're running some kind of people smuggling business or something, I really don't know. I've never fault that kind of paranoia lol.

    Does it bother them or something? If not, I guess you need to just chill and remember they don't care.

    • No I'm not smuggling people omg

      Its just really awkward, one time my dad saw a pic of me and my friend (crazy beautiful girl that I really like) on face book and he started asking about her, how do I know her, I just don't like it when they know about my personal life DX

      (not very close to my family)

    • Ahhh that makes sense lol

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