Sex and kisses on the cheek?

So I met this guy at the club, and I got his number and the usual we started texting, he added me to Facebook, week later we hang out and we start hanging out more often, having sex. He goes to my school and if I spend the night we walk there because he lives close and he will always kiss me on the cheek, except one time he did on the lips. I have never really been in a relationship or anything really, and I can't really tell if he's into me or I just don't want to see it. Haha he is just something else, we are complete opposites but we are just the same inside we have crazy conversations about anything and respectful debates because we are opposites and can't agree on everything but each time Its a learning experience. When I go over to his place I obviously know he talks about me to his room mates, when I'm there they ask me if I have any friends and stare at me. They're funny and weird at the same time. I text him more than he texts me, if I forget to text him for the day if I'm working or something, I usually get a text the next day. I really like him too, but right now he's away at home on break from school. I just want to know what it means with kiss on the cheeks. And when it was his last day here, he kissed me on the cheek and I said "I'll see you when ya come back" and he replied "Naw, I'll see you later" and he smiled and left. I don't know what to make of it, and it's been like this for about 2 months.


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  • ok you met at the club ..he gave you his number .. yall have hung out . he has kissed you .. AND you had sex with the guy .. yet you don't no if he likes you ? really? .. IF he didn't like you he would have never gave you his number he dang sure wouldn't have hung out with you and the sex and kisses never would have happen .. YES he likes you .. I'm 10000 percent sure of it .

    • Haha, I know my question seems odd. But really I mean does he like me seriously or is it just the sex. I know lots of guys my age (19) and his age (21) are not looking for girlfriends. And I'm just hoping when he returns we can get more serious I just wanna know if he's sending the same vibe.

    • lol oh OK . well that's hard to say I mean guys have done me that way before to .. I would think they really liked me and I would get all into them and they just was around for the sex.. you can tell thou by how he acts. do stuff with him other then sex the more you hang out without sex and date if he really likes you he will spend time with you even when he knows for sure he isn't getting any that night.. .. if he only comes around when he knows he can get it then its just sex .

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