This girl I've been texting seems into and talked to me all day for 3 days, but today will read and not answer?

She seems totally into me, and giggles when I walked by, but today she'll answer once then read the next and not answer? Also I walked by and she got all red and giggle and made her friend walk away with her because she was nervous? Is that good?


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  • Maybe she's just busy or doesn't know what to say


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  • Either she found out something embarrassing about you or she likes you. The latter; girls will giggle and walk away in a hurried manner to talk about you. As for the text and no reply, maybe she didn't get it, she's busy, she doesn't want to come off as too interested, etc. The possibilities are endless. Try texting or talking to her again tomorrow.

    • She has read receipts, but just tweeted she was sad should I try to cheer her up or wait to not seem too eager?

    • I had that in mind as well. Facebook has it. Not sure if some phones do (I'm REALLY behind in cell phones lol). Even if it says she read it, she could've been busy and didn't have time to read it or reply. Or she was sleeping and didn't want to take the time to write a message. Stuff like that.

      And yes, reply to the tweet. You won't seem too eager as long as you don't tell her you love her or anything like that lol.