Does me dating several men at the same time make me a whore?

I just got out of a relationship that I was in for a year. We have been separated for about a month now. I am looking to start dating and made a profile on POF. I have quite a few great candidates that are interested in me, and I have plans to meet with them within the next week. Would it make me a whore for dating more than one guy in a week? What about if I kissed one of them? I haven't done so yet, but I am just wondering. Thanks all.


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  • Not at all. That's what dating is all about. Going out, meeting new people, having fun, even kissing lol You're getting know people and enjoying the experiences that come with that. If and when you meet someone you would like to date more seriously, that's when you cut everyone else off. Otherwise, why limit yourself? What if you miss out on a great guy because you're committing yourself to one guy before you even know him?

    As long as it feels right, go for it. Have fun.

    • Thanks hun, I like your answer. I was hoping that it would be okay, but I wasn't sure if it was acceptable to do this. This is the first time I'm going to date more than one person lol, so I'm nervous -.-

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    • Nah, don't tell them. I don't care, but it'd make most guys jealous and insecure. In the case that you presented, I'd recommend that you just say "hey I'm busy at the moment, but I'll text you later."

    • Thank you Apples, that's a good idea. I was thinking the same, because I know it would be a really awkward convo, but I wasn't sure if that would make me player lol.

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  • No. There is nothing wrong with dating more than one person at a time. However, if you get physical with one, then it's time to let the others go. You also need to give them all an equal chance because, if any of them get the feeling that you're stinging them along, then you'll probably ruin any future chances with that guy(s).

  • No, not even. You're not fcuking all this dudes so what's the problem? Though, I'd start re-thinking our date if I new I was like the 4-5th dude that week. I mean, are just using dudes for a few free drinks? Maybe you just enjoy dating and don't really want a serious relationship. These are a few things I'd be wondering.

    In the end who cares. The fact you're asking this particular question makes me think you're certainly not a "Whore".

    • Yeah, I have no intention of having sex with anyone until I find the person I want to be with. Tbh, I don't even wanna kiss anyone until I feel I want to date only them, lol.

      And no, I'm def not using any guy for drinks. I make good money and whenever I do go on dates, I always offer to pay and if we are having drinks, I make sure I buy us rounds even though some guys insist I don't lol. I just always feel bad if they pay for everything, ya know?

    • I'm actually that way, with buying drinks. I'm just a generous person when dating and with friends. I try telling the girl maybe twice-three times "it's OK, I got it" If she still insists I just let her buy some rounds. You should do the same... offer like twice if he's still insistent "no" you shouldn't feel bad.

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  • more than 3 it's pretty bad.

  • no. it's only skanky if you are having sex with them.

    • DEF not doing that. lol

    • also you don't have to tell them you are dating other guys. doin that is awkward. but after going on several dates like at least 3 in a short amount of time there is an expectation that this will develop into something. like, if I go on several dates with someone and not just one date it is because I am considering a relationship. one to two dates is get to know each other, but a third with a person means a relationship could be in the makings, so keep that in mind.

    • Thank you anon girl! I was thinking the same in terms of not telling them, but I wasn't sure if that would be sleazy or not. I will keep that rule in mind; 3 dates = expectation! You rock :)