I honestly don't know what to do, or how to bring it up, please read and legit help me out.

I am a girl, I don't know why it says I'm a guy. lol

so I have known this guy (chase) for like 4 years, we were thing for awhile but then something happend and we stopped seeing eachother, he got another girlfriend and they were dating for almost 2 years. while they were dating, me and chase had been texting, I didn't think anything of it, and then things got serious and he cheated on her with me.. ( I KNOW IT WAS WRONG) So after like 4 months he dumped her, I obviously knew he wouldn't want to jump into another realationship right away, but at this time I THOUGHT that he wasn't talking to anyone else and all of his attention would be on me.. I thought wrong, I found out he was talking to a few other girls after him and his girlfriend broke up, that broke my heart cause I thought something was going to happen with him and I. so I just ignored it and we still hung out, and we have done everything a couple does(hold hands, kiss,etc..) okay so I want to be real with him and tell him what I want but I really don't know how to bring it up, he knows that I know he is talking to these other girls. I don't think he realizes how sad/mad I am over this whole situation.


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  • Player.

    He'll do the same thing to you.

    Get out of this situation.

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