Is it common to Not wana be in a relationship when first starting to date?

I haven't gone on an actual date yet but I guess I'm kinda talking to guys like getting their number or giving them mine when they ask. I thought I wanted to have a boyfriend but after talking to some of these guys I realize , its not since most don't seem to be my type or there's more than one guy I'm interested atm.

Eventually I want a relationship but not now since I'm so new to this & don't wana settle for whatever or whoever shows interest in me.

This is my first semester in college & I'm getting the most male attention I've ever had in my high school years. Maybe its all going to my head and I should talk to one at a time so I don't seem easy. But I haven't done anything yet like I'm still a virgin & never kissed a guy. Whether these guys can tell is their problem but I'm not trying to be a tease either!

So is talking/dating multiple guys at once when your inexperienced normal? I thought id be the one to go one by one since I use to wait for a guy to show interest. I'm still shy but I'm not afraid to initiate a conversation or contact.


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  • No one is normal but commonly new daters can't handle juggling all these dudes at once


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  • Who cares if its not common play the field til you find the right one & don't settle