Should I take it as we're dating or what?

So me and this guy have known eachother since September. From the beginning I thought he was attractive and around the 4th time we hung out we hooked up. Since then we've hung out at least once a week. We don't really text or talk on the phone but when we hang out we can talk for hours about our passions and interests (not really anything too personal). About 2 weeks ago I got sick so I canceled our hang out. He ended up surprising me at my apartment by bringing over soup and cuddling with me on the couch while we watched netflix. That night I confessed to him that I really liked him and he said that he really liked me too. Last week we went to see a The hobbit midnight showing and he ended up inviting 4 of his friends to join us. Two I had already met from a project he and I worked on together. When he introduced me to the other two, he threw his arm around my shoulders and through the whole movie he held my hand and would randomly kiss me. After the movie he and I hung out til almost 430 am and then got dinner and hung out the next day. But there was a lot less cuddling. Also he kept staring at me with a grin which made me nervous so I would ramble and he wouldn't say anything just keep watching me. Plus when his friend called he said he was entertaining a friend (aka me). Later that night we just laid on his bed, he wasn't close to me but he held my hand as we talked. He told me about his family pets which he hadn't told me about before.

Anyways, I really like this guy. The problem is I haven't been serious with a guy...let alone been seeing a guy for this long in almost 2 years, so is it safe to say we're dating? Are we getting serious or is am I getting my hopes up?


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  • Haha, I'm kinda in the same boat. "Hung out" a few times with this woman. We get along great, talk for hours about anything and everything, we show a little affection (touching, staring, random giggling). I guess I don't know for sure what you mean by "hooking up" but she has been in some bad relationships then took a break from relationships for awhile. She said she wasn't seeing anyone. I can only say enjoy the ride!


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