If you are dating someone, how often do you communicate?

Been talking to this guy for over a month. I really like him but he goes 3 days or more not talking to me! And I've been backing off with my texting cause I felt I did it too much. I know he likes me and I know he wants me sexually. We've only met once the whole time we've been talking.

  • Every Day just a simple how are you and nothing else that day is ok.
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  • After a month? I can see him slowing down to a more sensible guy frequency.

    • Is it typical for guys to do that. I mean I know he works a lot so I know that's part of the reason, but still...

    • Yes, it's very typical. Guys and girls communicate very differently. And in a relationship, usually guys slow down to a level they are comfortable with.

    • Interesting, didn't know that. I'm still new dating so I'm still learning. Thanks

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  • I'm new to dating, been seeing this guy for two months, I see him once a week.,I think he just wants sex,I don't like that but I don't care because I don't want to be in a relationship, we rarely text. I would say if you don't see your guys more than 2/3 times per week then he's after casual sex, FWB, or may be seeing other people too...if you're looking for a normal relationship look for someone who wants to see you whenever he has time during the week.

    did you have sex with him already?

    • Yea that one and only time we met we had sex. But it says on his dating profile that he is lookibg for long term/short term dating. And he told me up dront he doesn't do one night stands. I miss him but the thing is he knows me more than I know him.

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    • Yea I have been keeping myself open to other guys, and been more distant with him, by only texting him when it's something important, or something he needs to know, otherwise I won't text him till he texts me. And all I said him was that, "I sometimes feel you know more about me than I know about you," and that's when he said, "I like to be a mystery," and then I asked him, "any reason why?" He said, "no reason". I have an idea why he cud be guarded from the few things he's told told me.

    • But that's private...