Should I apologize? I Rejected a girl from High School harshly.

I'm not sure if I'm wrong or not. I'm not sure If I'm a trolling or not.

But, I rejected a girl that I knew from high school Very Harshly on a Monday during lunch break (after we ate a nice lunch of course). by the way, She never apologized for what she did to me in high school.

Then, I texted her a picture of me and my beautiful date on the following Saturday of that same week.

Here is the background story. 15-16 years ago in High School, I tried to talk to this girl at a party and she flat out said "I'm not interested" to my face after I said Hi to her. Again, She never apologized for it.

Back then she was a gorgeous cheerleader. But now, she's fat, way past her prime, doesn't take care of herself, divorced, and with three kids.

I am tall, dark , in shape, in my prime, good looking, successful, and I take care of myself. I've never been married and have no kids.

Two weeks ago, she sent me a message on Facebook to ask me out. I gave her my number, we exchanged texts and then she walked into my revenge trap at lunch.

Now, she and my Facebook friends (high school classmates) said I need to apologize for doing the following:

1. Texting her a picture of me and my beautiful date after rejecting her earlier in the week

2. Telling her she is way past her prime, she is not good enough because she didn't date me in her prime, she will never be good enough, and she is easily the stupidest person on earth for thinking she qualifies for a guy like me.

3. Telling her payback is a bitch and so are you.

4. Telling her I'm too good for leftovers. I don't eat leftovers and don't date leftovers.

5. We look stupid in public together. I'm hot and your not.

I told them they will have to beat an apology out of me because of what she did to me in high school and never apologizing for it.

I am a successful man with businesses and money in the bank. I have the power to squash people I have a grudge against in my personal life.

Should I apologize for what I did if she never apologized?

Bottom Line: If you don't look as good as you did in High School or College, then you don't have a chance in hell with me and don't deserve my money.
Why should I date a girl who is Fat/out of shape, past her prime, with kids, and below my league?

I have money, better options, in shape, in my prime, looks, and have no kids.


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  • Just her seeing how well off physically and financially you are and then telling her you weren't interested would've been enough for karma to slap her in the face.

    • True. I just lost control of my anger. It takes a long time to get me angry but I explode like a volcano when I do. I never thought about what she did for 15 years until she asked me out. Then, all the feelings suddenly came back like it was yesterday.

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  • Did you ask her out just to get revenge? That's shitty.

    People treated me like shit in high school and I asked several guys out who rejected me. I never thought of getting revenge on them because, guess what, I moved on,

    You owe her an apology. Then you need to get over yourself.

    • She asked me out. But yes, I went on a lunch date with her as an opportunity to get revenge. I will never apologize to that fat, past her prime, bitchy, piece of shit. She never apologized to me. But I am open to texting her another photo with me and my beautiful girlfriend.

  • She did something shitty when she was a teenager. Teenagers are prone to doing shitty things.

    You are a grown-ass man who should know better.

    • Well, everybody reaps what they sow. This Karma harvest just took 15-16 years to come back around. I gave her all I had when I was grilling her. No regrets. I am happy with my new girlfriend and focusing on my business.

  • Get over it seriously it happened a long time ago. If your as good looking and rich like you claim why are you asking this anonymously? I believe you need some counseling .

    • I will never regret what I did. She told all of our mutual friends on Facebook (high school classmates) about what I did and they are all wanting me to apologize. So leave the money and the looks out of it.

    • I also have a business reputation to protect. That's why I must remain anonymous. Ever think of that? Again, our mutual friends on Facebook are pushing me to apologize. That's why I'm here.

    • Right whatever you say QA whatever you say. Take care kiss kiss.

  • no let it go

    • I did not apologize. But I let it go. I have not thought about taunting her. She learned her lesson. I am happy with my new girlfriend and focusing on my business.

  • Just let it go and move on

    • I did not apologize. But I let it go. I have not thought about taunting her. She learned her lesson. I am happy with my new girlfriend and focusing on my business.

  • Wow, amazing.. what did she do to you that made you do this?

    Why you hate her so much?

    • i just tried to say Hi to her and she got in my face in a bitchy tone and said "I'm not interested". Then she asks me out on Facebook massage telling me I'm her long lost love. The bad part is that she remembered what she did and never apologized for it.

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    • I will never regret what I did. She told all of our mutual friends on Facebook (high school classmates) about what I did and they are all wanting me to apologize.

    • Well that's not a reason to apologize. Especially if you think she deserves it. Just move on its over now. No need to hold on to the hatred any longer. I guess you can move on peacefully now.good luck

  • I understand your frustration, but I think you went way overboard. Honestly, I think your success and money has gone to your head. Sometimes we turn out exactly like those who have harmed us..or worse..because we're so caught up in the past.

    I know this, because I had absolutely terrible 'friends' in high school. It's a long story, but...definitely 100x worse than what this girl did to you. It's something absolutely cruel and evil, and they to this day are not sorry for it. I try to get over it, and honestly it's hard. I can't just 'get over it' like people tell you to do. But at the same time..I'm not going to lower myself to their level by ruining my character.

    The one thing that I have against them is that I am a good person who would never do those things. What you did is you lowered yourself to her level way back when. People DO change. With what she did..she was probably just an immature popular girl. Now she's is a woman, she has probably matured. I think what you did was wrong and childish (sorry, I'm being blunt).

    But I DO understand where you are coming from. Yes, I would apologize. Be the bigger and better person. You could have just said "No" to going out with her and "you should have thought about that xx years ago". That would have been a better comeback.

    • Also, just because you have money, or good looks (which is subjective), or success does not make you any more of a person. You honestly made yourself less of a person by doing what you did.

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    • I also sent her a text that said "LOL I hope you cried". But look, I 'm enjoying my current girlfriend and I verbally beat her down. I will move on but never apologize.

    • Now I assume you are trolling, as you seem to have ignored everything I said. >,>;

  • Holy shit really? Because she told you she wasn't interested in you ya that had to sting but 15-16years ago and not only do you remember that your still upset about it. Holy crap I'm 22 and anything that happened in highschool and I was not a popular or good looking person I forgot about it's not important.

    But you that's horrid. Sending her a picture with you and your girlfriend pitiful but whatever. number 2 & 5 seriously you have no idea what she's gone through her life could of been hell she gained weight no way she's not like she was in highschool! She has three kids gaining weight happens and doing that alone not all that fun or a lot of time to beautify.

    For 3. HAHAHA she probably has absolutely no idea what your talking about it was years ago. God I hope she realizes how pitiful you are.

    As for 4 she's not to good for you. Your pitiful stuck in highschool she may not be as hot as she was or with anyone but your actions make you so worthless

    Apologize tell her your sorry your heads so far up your ass

    • Thanks for the answer. But I disagree. She is an out of shape, used up, piece of shit that's way out of her league! Yes, she does remember what she did to me in high school because some of my guy friends were right there and still remember what happened.

    • It's high school dude get over it

    • I'm over it now. I gave her a verbal beating about as bad a her ex-husband did. I know in my heart she will know better than to ask someone out after treating them like shit in the past. The best part was taking her to a $100 lunch, leading her on, and her thinking I really cared about her.

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  • If you're that shallow to do those things then just delete your fb and forget it.