Responses take a long time?

I have a female friend who takes a long time, usually between 3 hours and two days to respond to text messages sent to her. The thing is, she always has her phone with her, and when I study with her, she always checks her phone at least once an hour and constantly sends stickers to someone via WeChat. Given she uses an Android phone with widgets, I'm very sure she sees my messages in a timely manner, but chooses to wait for these incredibly long periods before responding. I feel that is too long, but she once seemed incredulous that an acquaintance of hers felt worried about her after she did not respond after two days and waited for her outside her class. She then said he was stalking her. We meet for lunch after class and share resources well, but I feel sometimes she's intentionally ignoring me. What's going on here? Is she trying to hint to me I'm low priority to her? I try to keep in touch by initiating text conversations but it's impossible with these slow responses. How can I ask her for the reason behind this behaviour without jeopardising our friendship?


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  • Just ask her. If she's a real friend, she'll tell you why.

    From experience, with girls who have their phones on them all the time don't respond in a timely manner, aren't really friends or aren't interested. I mean the latter in a general sense, not just in your case. It's just another way of playing mind games and thinking that because they're a girl, they don't feel the need to reply because the other person won't do anything about it. And it's the same way with guys who are being chased by girls.

    And of course, there's reasons such as it was late and she was sleeping, she was studying, her phone died, etc. but three days to respond to a text is inexcusable.

    • I agree with what you said, the thing is, we spend quite some time together during the semester and she always seems very friendly and cooperative. I've made it known to her that this wastes too much of my time, and I can't help feeling she sees me as nothing more than a resource since she obviously responds to at least one other person in a timely manner.

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