Why wouldn't he call or text me back?

This guy and me would always look at each other. Up close if I were looking he wouldn't make eye contact but he would try to. Far away my friend and I would notice he stares a lot, even when were walking. I smiled once and he stayed looking and walked away, 20 min later we saw him and I looked away fast and my friend said he turned super red and stayed looking at the door we came in.

The last day I was going to see him was Friday which was the final. He was looking at me and my friends talk and I finished the test and waited for him outside but when he saw me he tried not to look at me and I almost didn't give him my number. I had to catch up to him and I said "hey" he looked back fast and smiled at me and I said "here you go" and he got the note and walked off opening it.

Later that day I took a nap because I was super tired. I got a missed call and 30 min later I called back but it rang twice and their voicemail said it was not setup and bye. I texted almost two hours saying I had a missed call from that number and who is it. I haven't got a call or text back. It's been 5 days!

I am sure it was him who called.

But, why didn't he answer or text back when I did?

and why isn't he contacting me? I am confused.


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  • Maybe he's busy.

    Or he's just not that into you. Sorry. :(

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    • If you don't mind me asking. If he weren't into me then why did he call first but didn't answer or text me back when I tried contacting him? Is it possible he is shy or something?

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